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MK Leasing is part of the international holding Mikro Kapital Group. The companies of the holding provide assistance to small and medium-sized businesses in 15 countries of the world: Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Czech Republic, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Indonesia and Hong Kong. We have been working since 2003.

If you have experience in leasing field or in lending to entrepreneurs, and you want to become part of our international team, write to us at We look forward to meeting you and discussing employment opportunities!

Corporate life

Charity events
Every year we hold charity events in the cities where our company is represented - we help hospitals and orphanages with resources, inventory or equipment. We spend time with old people and children, we organize leisure for them.
The corporate culture of the holding is a synergy of various national practices that allow employees not only to work efficiently, but also to develop outside of working hours. Together we go in for sports and creativity, we devote time for personal growth. Once a year, we hold a large-scale corporate event with the participation of employees from 15 countries.
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